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When creating a custom design lapel pin most people don’t even worry about how the pin will be attached. If you can’t see it then it's usually not even important. Right? Wrong! It is extremely important to know what type of pin clasp you are getting with your lapel pin as it can make all the difference in the effectiveness of the pin. Are they going to be worn through a thin cotton shirt or a thick wool jacket? Will they be removed frequently or worn just once? These are some of the questions that you will need to know to select the correct pin clasp. We have provided some additional information on the different types below.

Butterfly Clutch Butterfly Clutch - This is the standard backing of every lapel pin. They are light in weight and easy to take off or attach. They are also referred to as a Military Clutch with the metal wings locking the pin in place.
Rubber Clutch Rubber Clutch - They are newer to the market compared to the classic Butterfly Clutch. Some prefer this as it is easier to grasp and lighter in weight.
Deluxe Clutch Deluxe Clutch - A heavier clasp to ensure the pin does not remove from the clasp. This is best if you are planning to use the pin on a thick lapel such as a suit jacket.
Jewelry Clutch Jewelry Clutch - A common clutch with more decorative lapel pins for women and with a smaller sized pin. The clutch covers the prong and then locks into place.
Magnet Magnet - A great option to avoid the dreaded pin hole damage the standard pin can cause. It has a strong hold and can balance the lapel pin. It can either be a round magnet or a bar magnet and does not have the depth that the other clutches have.
Safety Clasp Safety Clasp - This clasp type is common with antique lapel pins. This works the same as a regular safety pin with a flat back to attach to the pin. This clasp has a classic look.

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