custom lapel pins



We developed a set for the tenth anniversary of P.F. CHANGS Mexico. For the annuity pins of their collaborators we made an evolution of the koi fish on its way to transform into a dragon. We also made a pin for the trainers and another one for the «Tongshi of the month». The culmination of this collection is the 10 year anniversary pin.


How about a really cold Imperial beer? One more success story! Our collection of retro pins developed for the largest brewery in Costa Rica.


Our personalized lapel pins are of the highest quality and every year Walmart holds shareholder and collaborator events where they exchange pins of the country’s culture. These  personalized pins can be perfectly placed on lanyards. This lapel pin and lanyard combination dynamic is a perfect collectible method and is even used in many theme parks around the world. Our office in México Pins.Mx and Lanyards.Mx worked together to create this combination of pin with lanyard.


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