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Are you thinking about getting a custom design lapel pin made for your company or organization and not sure where to start? Well, Pins.com is here to help! We have provided the simple steps to get you started so you can create your very own custom design lapel pin with Pins.com. Below are some questions that we are going to ask when helping you create your custom pin:

Do you have a design already?

If you have company logo, a sketch you made on a napkin or pics you found on Google, we will have our graphic design team take your idea and create it into a design that will fit onto a pin. If you don't have an idea that's ok too as we can work with you to create a special design for your pin.

Do you know what size of pin you want to create?

Will the pin be worn by your employees on a jacket lapel or will it be presented to to your top sales performers? Knowing what the pin will be used for will help us be able to recommend the ideal size of the pin. We can design a pin to be as small as 0.5" or as big as 3.0" and everything in between. We will make a recommendation so the size makes the pin stand out but does not look awkward or clunky.

Do you know what style of pin you would like to create?

Hard Enamel, Soft Enamel Die Struck, PVC, Cast, Printed or Etched... You have so many options it can be very confusing. Not too worry though, based on the previous questions we will make suggestion to what style of pin will work best for your idea. The most common pin styles used are the hard enamel and the die struck.

How many pins are you going to need?

Are you looking to give them to everyone in your office or just a select group of worthy employees? Will you handing them out to potential customers? Do you need them all at once or shipped to different locations? Knowing exactly how many you will need will give us the best information to provide you with a price quote.

Need other product ideas for your company or organization? We can also help you create custom design key chains, lanyards, coins, patches, dog tags, flash drives and name tags! Pretty much any product that has design space we can make it custom made for you!

Now that you know what questions you will be asked when creating your custom design lapel pin, contact the account executives at Pins.com today. They will help take all this information and turn it into exactly the custom design lapel pin you're looking for. Give us a call at 1-888-320-6979 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee

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