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Are you a Manager or Supervisor and have people reporting directly to you at work? If you do, are you familiar with the date of March 7th? If not then you should be. This March 7, 2014 is "Employee Appreciation Day" and we are here to help make sure you are ready for this day.

Anniversary Lapel Pins

Creating an Anniversary lapel pin is a great gift for an employee in any size of company. It’s a memory of a milestone in an employee's history and great way to show appreciation for all of their hard work. Let help you through the process along with providing you some great options to make the Anniversary pin one of a kind.

Christmas Tree Pins

With the end of the year approaching it is time to start your holiday shopping, plan your vacation and purchase your Christmas lapel pins. is here to help you create your custom design Christmas lapel pins for this special time of year.

Employee Recognition Pins

What do your employees say about your current recognition programs? Would they say that you are always one step ahead by constantly changing and improving or are they saying that it is old and outdated with no one really knowing what is the program to being with.

Movember Pins

How many of you have had a male family member, friend or co-worker start growing a classic old school mustache during the month of November and not know why? Well, is here to tell you. Every November men from around the world will begin to grow mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers.

Vatican Medal Error Pin

How many times have you heard how important it is to proofread your work before you send it out? Probably maybe a million times? Well right now the Vatican is probably wishing they heard that line a million and one times after the recent spelling mistake found on the new medal commemorating Pope Francis’ first year as the Bishop of Rome.

Lions Club Pins

Many of us out there may not not be familiar with the Lions Club International Organization, however with over 1.35 million members worldwide and having the world’s largest service club many of us should be. The Lions Club is spread out over 37+ countries and the goal of the organization is to meet the needs of communities on a local and global scale. This is a perfect match for a custom design lapel pin.

Sports Trading Pins

Anyone who has ever played organized sports has probably come across a team that has given away a team pin. Have you ever wondered who made them or where they got them? Not to worry anymore. is here to help you go through the steps to create your Custom Design Sports Training Pins!

Common Mistakes

Have you ever heard about someone ordering custom lapel pins and then finding out that once they have been shipped there was an error? If you had then it was probably because the client did not request a proof before production began.

So what are Olympic pins REALLY worth? A pin’s value is whatever a person is willing to pay for it at any given time. As most collectables, a pin’s value follows the same “supply and demand” equation and this can change at any given time or any given place. Olympic pin prices tend to escalate most rapidly during the Games, when pin trading and selling is at its best.

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