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What do your employees say about your current recognition programs? Would they say that you are always one step ahead by constantly changing and improving or are they saying that it is old and outdated with no one really knowing what is the program to being with.

Now, ask yourself the following question:

Are we committed to recognition as a strategic part of our business?

How many companies can actually answer “Yes” to this question? The majority would say “No”, so they now have to take a step back and rethink what they are currently doing with their recognition program.

Below are some basic steps you can implement right away to ensure that the next time around you can answer “yes” to the question.

It is extremely important that a company notifies everyone involved of a new recognition program being launched. How many of us have heard about a program midway through the process or not even knowing about it at all? Make sure to identify the specific team(s) involved so they are aware. For example, if you are recognizing the employee with the highest sales for the month, it makes sense to inform the entire Sales Department of the program prior to the start of the month. Communication is a key part of the process.

We all think we know what our employees what, however have we ever thought to ask them? A survey can be a great way for a company can get honest feedback on the past and current programs, while also knowing what the employees would like to be recognized for. You will be surprised with the feedback you receive back.

Who are the staff that are selecting the recognition winners? The Managers correct? So it makes sense to ensure that they are properly trained and know exactly what they should be looking for when selecting a recognition winner. How often have you seen someone receive an On-The-Spot Award for doing something that is part of the job description? I bet that the Manager did not think of it like that. How much better would it be if the Manager recognized an employee for going above and beyond their job description to help a client or fellow employee? That should be the case for the employee to get recognized for their effort.

We have high hopes for certain programs and some just don’t work out. That will happen from time to time. It is important to constantly monitor the results (either day/weekly/monthly) and make any adjustments you see fit. Learning from your failures and making sure they don’t happen again will bring success to your recognition program.

Once you have given out a recognition award, it is important to communicate that to everyone! You want to celebrate the recent success stories. This is a great way to praise those that have done an awesome job. Public praise is a way those around the employee to be recognized by their peers as well as build confidence to those that may be lacking in that area. It will also challenge those that are competing against them with some friendly competition. It is a great motivator for some to see a colleague receive an award and know that next time they are going to work twice as hard so they are selected.

Now are you looking to present a recognition or reward lapel pins to your employees or organization? can assist you in creating recognition or reward lapel pins and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Let our trained customer service staff provide you with ideas and help you make your recognition or reward lapel pins the best.

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