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Creating an Anniversary lapel pin is a great gift for an employee in any size of company. It’s a memory of a milestone in an employee's history and great way to show appreciation for all of their hard work. Let help you through the process along with providing you some great options to make the Anniversary pin one of a kind.

Receiving an Anniversary lapel pin is being apart of something special. Not only does it show your appreciation for an employee's hard work over the previous years, it also shows the newer employee’s that they can be recognized for their efforts as well.

The majority of Anniversary lapel pins will contain the company logo and the number or years they have worked for the company. The style options for these pins can be Hard Enamel, to Die Struck or made out of a Precious Metal.

What additional add-ons can you add to the pin to make it make it special and unique? A popular option is to add gemstones to represent the years of service. We have listed the breakdown of which stone goes with the specific year:

5 years of service - Emerald (green)

10 years of service - Ruby (red)

15 years of service - Sapphire (blue)

25 years of service - Diamond (clear)

Another option to make the anniversary pin special to those receiving it is to present it along with one of our special packaging options. You can present the pin in a Velvet Jewelry Bag, a Plastic Jewelry Case or a Velvet Jewelry Case. For a list on all options available you can check them out on the Packaging section of our website.

Are you looking for Anniversary lapel pin for your employees or organization? can assist you in creating your custom design lapel pins and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Let our trained customer service staff provide you with ideas and help you make your custom design Anniversary lapel pins the best. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-888-320-6979 1-888-320-6979 today!

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