The second month of the year may be known best for have only 28 days or maybe because it contains Valentine's Day, however how many of you know that February is American Heart Month? is here to provide you some important information on keeping your ticker healthy for a long time to come.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer of men and women in America? CVD costs the United States over $300 billion each year. That is a lot of money. By making some minor changes to your lifestyle you could go from having the chance of being one the the statistics or living a much longer and healthier life. Here are some things that you can do to make a change:

  • Eating Healthy - Maintaining a good nutrition is imperative to having a healthy heart. When cooking at home, make sure to use fresh ingredients. Understanding the labels on the food you buy is also very important as what may seem like a healthy item can actually be high in calories of fat. If you dine out a lot knowing what to eat at a restaurant can keep your heart healthy and ticking.
  • Physical Activity - Being physically active has a so many health benefits it is too long to list. Aside from living longer and feeling better, being physically active can also improve blood cholesterol levels, prevent bone loss and increase muscle strength. All things needed to live a long and healthy live. The American Heart Association recommends only 30-minutes of moderate activity each day. Now who can't find the time to do that?
  • Stress Management - Stress will affect everyone differently. Some people can handle it while others cannot. If you are affected by stress you may have emotional signs, physical signs or maybe even both. It is important to know what puts you in that stressful situation, how to avoid it and if you are in it, how to control it.
  • Weight Management - If you can eat healthy, participate in physical activity, have a stress free life then nine times out of ten you will have a healthy waistline.

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