One of the most iconic things about any armed forces uniforms would be the specific pins, insignias and patches that each serviceman or woman will have. Why do armed forces use these insignias? It is actually a system that has been in place for many years and it has a great deal of importance in every branch of the armed forces including the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and National Guard.

Talk to any member of the armed forces and they will be able to explain the pins and insignias on their uniform. Generally, there is a story behind each one. That is because the military uses these pins and insignias to recognize achievement within the service. For example, each service man or woman will receive the iconic bar pins to denote time spent in the military. In addition, the pins can be used for all types of achievements, like marksmanship or Army Ranger training.

Perhaps one of the most well known uses of lapel pins by the armed forces would be the stars that you will see on the collar of any general. These star pins are considered some of the most hard earned achievements in the military. The higher up the general moves, the more stars he or she will receive, ranging from one to five stars. There have been very few five star generals in any military branch.

There are other well known pins and insignias as well. For example, the Purple Heart is awarded to soldiers who were wounded in combat. This award is often seen as a serious badge of honor that is included on the uniform under the other insignias and pins. Of course, in the air force, earning the wings pin is a big achievement that each soldier would look forward to.

Why do armed forces use lapel pins and insignias? It is actually a great way to motivate soldiers. Each service man or woman sees the earning of the insignias as a great honor and they are proud to wear them on their uniforms. In addition, it is a great way to recognize the hard work and achievement the soldiers reach while serving the country. In essence, it is the same concept we would use on a regular basis when we use lapel pins in schools or workplaces for motivation. It just happens to be that in the military, the process of receiving the pins is very formal and very sacred.


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