Are you looking for a new hobby that can be fun, unique and can help you keep memories for years to come? Many people do not realize it, but a fun hobby is to collect lapel pins. These pins are available from events, places and occasions, making them easy to collect. You can even find specialty collector's cases designed to allow a chance to display the pins prominently. When people look at the collection, you will find yourself telling how you acquired each one and the story behind it. This is a great way to keep memories.

If you are getting started collecting lapel pins, then you may be wondering which ones are the most collectable. You may want to build your own unique collection, but knowing which ones are most collectable can give you a place to start.

From Places
Some of the most collectable lapel pins would be those that are from various places in the country or in the world. Many people like the idea of collecting a place specific lapel pin each time they go on vacation or visit somewhere new. This is a fun and different hobby than the standard post card collection. You will be able to display your lapel pins or even wear them if you would like.

Trading Pins
Of course, trading pins are designed to be collectable. They include whimsical sayings, fun phrases or unique images. The great thing about these trading pins is that they can be a great way to show your personality. You can choose pins that appeal to you or that you feel reflect your personality.

Vintage Pins
Another category of collectable pins would be vintage items. These pins could be ones that you find tucked away in your grandmother's closet!

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