Customized lapel pins certainly have many different uses in schools and if you are any sort of school activities coordinator, then you will want to consider these uses. Just where do lapel pins belong in the school system? There are too many different ways to count, but here are a few of the most popular options that you could consider.

As An Award
Lapel pins make great achievement awards in school. For example, they could be given to students who achieve perfect attendance during the year or who achieve the honor roll throughout the year. Many schools use these lapel pins to be given out for all sorts of awards at awards dinners and awards nights. Whether they are to recognize high grades, merit or achievement, the pins can be a great option.

As a Club Membership
Of course, schools have many different clubs, and these clubs may not have large amounts of money to spare. For that reason, they are not able to do very much to recognize their members. Membership pins are affordable and fun, making them a great option for clubs. No matter what type of club it may be, a lapel pin can be customized to suit the style and theme of the group. Students can be given the pins at a formal pinning ceremony or just upon membership into the club.

As Recognition
Many schools recognize students of the week or students of the month. This can be a way to recognize students who have worked especially hard in school, who have exhibited exemplary behavior or who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them. You may only be giving out a recognition certificate, but what if you could do more? One great option would be to give out a lapel pin to students who receive the honor. This way, they can exhibit the honor they received and they can be proud of their achievement.

Lapel pins can be used in many ways in school and if you are any sort of school activities coordinator, you will want to consider them. They can be used to recognize various school groups. They can also be used to recognize awards and achievements. No matter how you want to use them in schools, you will find that lapel pins can be customized perfectly to go along with the need, theme and recognition that they are being used for.


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