Motivating Employees with Lapel Pins

Are you looking for ways to boost morale and motivate your employees? Often, in the working world, it can be hard to keep motivation high if you do not take the extra steps necessary. Employees can get frustrated and tired from the grind of daily work life. When employees get tired and they lose their motivation, then they will not be efficient with their work. In addition, there will be a higher employee turnover rate.

That means you will have to spend more and more time and money just training new hires. There are plenty of ways that you can motivate employees and one of them would be through the use of recognition pins. Recognition pins can be a great way to get the attention from employees. Here are a few ways you could use them.

Consider using them in an employee of the week or employee of the month program. This will give you a chance to recognize the employee who has shown hard work and dedication. If you couple the pin with some small bonus or prize, it will give the employees an incentive to continue working hard.

Create an employee driven competition with fun and creative lapel pins. Have different daily or weekly goals and then award any employees who reach those goals with a fun lapel pin. Soon, employees will find it fun to collect different pins and to see who can collect the most of them.

Hold a new company slogan contest. Ask employees to create their own ideas for the slogans or to design new lapel pins for the company. This can bring some creativity and fun into the office and will get the employees more involved in the company itself. This brings more motivation to want the company to succeed and the winning employee will enjoy seeing their design or slogan included on the new pins.

In order to keep your employees more efficient, they have to be motivated and they have to want to work for you. That means you need to find ways to boost morale in the office, and lapel pins can be a fun way to do this. Remember that anything to get the employees more involved in the company or to get them to have a little fun at work will help them enjoy it more. The happier the employees are, the better they will work. Try some of the fun ways above to use lapel pins in the office.

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