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Charities and causes often give away paraphernalia to allow others to show their support. Many of these groups like to give away t-shirts to anyone who donates or supports otherwise. However, there are many who may not be able to wear those shirts on a regular basis because of work or other restrictions. Giving away shirts may not be the best way to get others to show their support of your charity or cause.

Instead, you could choose something non-descript, professional, modern, and unique: lapel pins. You can choose from customized pins that will match your charity or cause based on colors, names, or logos. People will be much more likely to wear a lapel pin because it won't interfere with work uniforms or dress codes, and it won't be in a color they don't particularly care to wear.

There are different ways you could use lapel pins to bring more support for your cause or charity:

  • Give a pin to anyone who makes a donation to the charity.
  • Give pins to anyone who becomes a member of the charity or cause.
  • Offer the lapel pins to anyone who comes by at a fundraiser or event.
  • Give away the pin when you are trying to raise awareness for your cause.

Lapel pins are a great thing to give away for several different reasons. To begin with, they aren’t that expensive. Obviously, budget is very important for anyone who is trying to run a charity. You can easily get custom lapel pins for a fraction of the cost of other types of merchandise. Additionally, because these pins are small and nondescript, people will be much more likely to wear them.

Whether you choose to give them out to anyone who donates money or time or you choose to give them out to anyone at a fundraiser event, you can get the word out for your cause. Just imagine how much you could accomplish if just half of the people who receive them wear their pins. This could mean thousands of people finding out about your cause, and that could mean many, many more people donating or volunteering their time.

If you are responsible for charities or causes, don't turn to the usual options to raise awareness. Not everyone likes to wear a t-shirt or put a bumper sticker on their car. A lapel pin can be very stylish and much more effective to raise awareness.


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