Lapel Pin Etiquette

Have you ever wondered if you are wearing the lapel pin in the proper spot? Is there a right or wrong way to wear a lapel pin? Not to worry any longer as we now have all the information you need to know on lapel pin etiquette.

Custom and designer lapel pins are used a fashion accessory for both men and women. Lapel pins come in a variety of designs such as awareness ribbons and corporate pins. Lapel pins can also show achievements and display a status that has been reached such as with a recognition and reward pin or position of authority.

Is there a proper side to wear your lapel pin? Lapel pins are typically worn on a suit jacket or blazers for men and on a coat, silk scarf or blouse for women. The pin should be placed on the widest part of the lapel and on the left hand side of the body.

Certain organizations, especially the military, have strict codes instructing the wearer to wear the lapel pin on either the right or left lapel. If you are wearing a flag pin for example, it should be worn upright so those looking at it will see the stars on the upper left and running horizontally. When it comes to wearing a flag pin, according to Title 4, Chapter 1 of the official United States Code governing the flag, the pin should be worn on the left lapel just above your heart.

Where do I wear a pin if I am not wearing a jacket? Men who are not wearing a jacket but are wearing a tie can wear their pin towards the middle of the tie. If a man is wearing a jacket and tie it is most appropriate to wear the pin on the left lapel and not directly on the tie. Men wearing shirts without a tie or a jacket traditionally wear lapel pins on the left side of the shirt, near the heart.

How do I attach the pin to my jacket or shirt? Most pins feature a metal face, with a fairly short point and a detachable backing. You need to take off the backing, push the pin into your lapel (or tie or shirt) until the point comes through the other side, and reattach the backing. The pin should sit upright on your lapel, tie or blouse. Make sure it is not upside down or at a strange angle. The pin should be tightly clasped on the back so it doesn't rotate when you move.

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