Common Mistakes

Have you ever heard about someone ordering custom lapel pins and then finding out that once they have been shipped there was an error? If you had then it was probably because the client did not request a proof before production began.

Creditable lapel pin companies will always provide a paper or physical proof before the pins are made. A lapel pin goes through numerous steps before going to production, beginning with the initial contact from the customer. A designer will take the customers vision and work closely and provide suggestions to ensure the best end pin design.

The proofing step is essential to catching design discrepancies. Here are some key things you need to make sure are correct when you receive the proof:

  • Size - Is the pin size in centimeters or inches? A pin that is either too big or too small will not look the way you want it. Make sure the size is correct.
  • Metal plating - What material is the pin being made of? Will it be electroplated in a precious metal? Make sure it is correct if you are. It is important to make sure the material used are correct.
  • Texture - Have you selected an antiqued finish or are any areas sandblasted? Check to make sure the fine details are correct.
  • Colours - Does your company logo have colour or will the pin be without an enamel? If it has colours are all colours being used?
  • Spelling - Is the spelling correct? We tend to read what we want it to say and not what it says so it is important to double and triple check any spelling on the pin.
  • Backing attachment - Butterfly clutch? Deluxe clutch? Magnet? Safety clip? Make sure the backing is exactly what you want.

The lapel pin design should be looked at several times, by various people, to catch any errors which often go unnoticed. By having taken the initial time to proof, the customer will be ensured receiving what they envisioned and have avoided the dissatisfaction of receiving faulty lapel pins.

It is important to be aware that most lapel pin companies have a policy that if a mistake is caught, once mass production is completed, any additional costs fall on the customer since it was not caught in the proofing process. Some company´s offer a partial refund but most do not. To avoid these inconveniences, ask for a proof, examine closely, and have various other people review. Taking advantage of it this time the customer will be rewarded with their envisioned lapel pin.

Looking for a custom design lapel pin for your company or organization? can assist you in creating custom design lapel pins and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Let our trained customer service staff provide you with ideas and help you make your recognition or reward lapel pins the best.

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