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Anyone who has ever played organized sports has probably come across a team that has given away a team pin. Have you ever wondered who made them or where they got them? Not to worry anymore. is here to help you go through the steps to create your Custom Design Sports Training Pins!

Most teams will start with their team logo. Depending on how detailed the logo is, the size of the pin may have to be slightly adjusted. Most team pins range in size from 1.5” all the way up to 3” in diameter. From there you will decide what else you want to include on the pin. Do you want all the player numbers displayed? Do you want to include the current year? Do you want to include the team mascot? Do you want to display the number of championships won? You can even individualize it by including the players name or number on each pin. The goal is to figure out what exactly you want to display and we can create the final image. You don’t have to be an artist either as we have a design team that can help bring your ideas to reality.

Do you want to try something that no many other team have done? Every team wants to be original and not have the same cookie-cutter pin as everyone else, so here are just a few of the things you can do to take your team pin to the next level:

  • Bobble head pins: Just like the famous bobble head dolls, a bobble head pin can be created. Have either the head bobble or another part of the design bobble.
  • Spinning pins: Baseball pin? Have the baseball spin. Hockey pin? Have the hockey puck spin.
  • Dangler pins: Create a portion of your pin to dangle or hang down. This could be a year of the team or team logo.
  • Blinking pins: Insert a flashing LED light to your sports team trading pin. Even better insert two lights! It is a great way to make your team pin unique.

These are just a few of the things we can do to a pin for your sports team. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Team pins can be created for any any sporting team. We can make pins for Baseball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Golf, Dance, Cheerleading, Softball, Track teams and even sporting tournaments, events, competitions and fundraising. There is no limit to who can get a sports team pin made.

Now that you have all these ideas running through your head we are sure you are ready to begin the process of making a sports trading pin for your team. Are we right? can assist you in creating a custom and unique trading pin and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. Let our trained customer service staff provide you with ideas and help you make your sports trading pin the best.


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